Art is a Beautiful Thing

Illustration of Mad Hatter by Wanda Mae Atkins 2013DSC01384Carried away towards Alice’s Tea Party, this young Mad Hatter delights in the madness of the day.  His raven discusses the sudden downpour of teabags as onward ho.



“Don’t Give Up” is the story of a panda afraid to try martial arts until a troop of classmates encourage his journey.


illustration by Wanda Mae Atkins 2013DSC01332Lucky Rabbit


Going for a Ride on the Wild Side.

This was created for a special little girl age 7 who believes in magic and leprechauns all year long.  Me too.


 Illustration by Wanda Mae Atkins



Ratatat Band

Ratatat Band

Along comes a crazy cat full of fun and gets himself invited to an all mouse party. Pull up a chair and enjoy the show…it’s about to get a wee bit interesting.   Illustration by Wanda Mae Atkins            

The Teacher

The Teacher

In The Teacher, a wide-eyed mermaid hangs on tightly to her squirming young student.

Illustration by Wanda Mae Atkins

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